Gamer Girl: How Men Affect Female Gamers & Why We Need More Gamer Girls

Gamer Girl: How Men Affect Female Gamers & Why We Need More Gamer Girls

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! I was just away on vacation in Atlanta, so I apologize for the lack of content. I am also bad at getting pictures of myself in cool places. Anyways, today we’re gonna talk about something other than fashion or beauty. (My makeup stills looks bomb though!) I’m going to talk about being a female in the gaming community. Let’s put on our headsets and talk about how we need more female gamers.

I have been a gamer since I can remember. First, playing computer games like Frogger, 101 Dalmatians, and some Tonka game. I also have a faint recollection of Tamale Loco. (Which is a really weird game where you have to get burrito ingredients to marry a bear’s daughter???) Obviously, these were when I was really little. When I look at screenshots of these games, they take me right back to my childhood. Pure nostalgia.

When I was five or six we upgraded to the first Play Station system, and also the original Xbox. I loved playing Jet Set RadioTwisted Metal, and a monster fishing game. I also loved watching my mom play Mortal Kombat. My mom is a gamer too, and I think that that is pretty freaking cool. When I was a little girl, I didn’t think it was odd for a girl to like to play video games. Now, as a twenty-three year old woman, I find myself very isolated in a community of men.

Skunk Studios (2000)

Usually, when I talk to men about video gaming face to face they’re pretty cool about it. They think it’s fun to talk about the kill-streaks, best guns, story-lines, and funny glitches that sometimes happen. However, when I’m actually online; it’s a completely different story… I play Call of Duty a lot. I know that wearing a headset and communicating with your team is important if you’re looking to win. When I do have my headset on, I almost never turn on my mic! Unless I’m playing with people I actually know, I don’t even like to talk. As soon as some meat-head behind his monitor hears me talk I’m automatically one of three things.

  1. A twelve year old.
  2. A gamer girl who absolutely wants to f*** you.  
  3. Jabba the Hut

These are the things I get berated with almost every time I speak. I had someone younger than me try and say that I was a twelve year old… Frustrating, but I did way better than him, so I ultimately gained his respect. Which I shouldn’t have to do. Although, I must say there’s something absolutely satisfying,  beating a man with a superiority complex. My boyfriend and I love playing 2 vs 2 on COD. When we win and the team was giving me crap for being a girl; I love saying in the most girly voice possible, “GG guys!” Just to rub it in their noses.

The second problem being either overly sexualized or being called fat and ugly. Even though they have no idea what I look like. I usually take these things with a grain of salt, but when you’re describing what you’d do to me sexually when I’m trying to just shoot people and tune you out, you’re an ass-hat. 

We need this kind of behavior to end. Teach your sons to pay the same respect to women as they do men. In real life and through a monitor. I’m not being overly-feminist by saying we need to treat each other with kindness and courtesy. I totally understand the shit talking in competitive games, but sexualizing and making women feel belittled just because of their gender is not cool. We’re just trying to play for the win just like you.

Games, Games, Games
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Mara

I am a licensed esthetician and lash artist, so I get to talk to a lot of people. I mostly have female clients, and in my years of experience I’ve only talked to two clients who liked to game. Most women find gaming to be annoying do to their men over-doing it, something they’re not good at, or just something they only did as a kid. Gaming is like any other skill, practice makes perfect. You might find yourself being better at some games more than other, and that’s totally fine.

Now, I am a gamer and I even get irritated with my man for focusing way too much of his time on Apex Legends. Everything comes with balance. So I can totally understand that, but if you try playing a game or two with him, you might end up enjoying yourself! 

I find women saying they just played games as a kid. Games like Poke’mon, Tamogotchi, or Mario. They still make those games, and Mario games are really fun to play with friends! I really think gaming brings people together. 

We need more girl gamers so that we’re not the minority in the gaming community. This is how we get armor that isn’t just breast plates, less over-sexualized female characters,  and more female protagonists in games. Some games are already well on their way with this. 
Mortal Kombat 
cut down on the ridiculous breast size of it’s characters in it’s last installment. Call of Duty has introduced a diverse range of playable female operators. Fallout 4 (the best one) allowed you to customize your character with extreme precision (male or female) and had no skimpy armor available.

Mortal Kombat X | Mileena

I need girl gamers to play with. We need females in the community. don’t let men, your current skills, or the thought of it being childish get in your way. A video game can transport you to another world, and takes you on adventures that you couldn’t go on in real life. It’s fun to sit back, relax, and not be yourself for a little while. If you would like to join me in some gaming add me on PS4. My gamer-tag is slootmuffin7. (It’s an inside joke between my boyfriend and me.) Thanks for reading!  

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